335 – Overcoming Unrealistic Expectations of Your Rural Church

In this show I’m going to label a few common areas in which churches place unbiblical and unrealistic expectations upon their pastors and I will share how you can overcome them.

  1. Time
    • Many churches think that because they have a “full-time” pastor it literally means they have a full-time pastor.
  2. Workload
    • The pastor is expected to do pretty much everything in the church.
  3. Money
    • It’s not uncommon for churches to have an expectation of what a pastor should view as an acceptable standard of living.
  4. Family roles
    • It’s not just the pastor we have hired, but we also get access to their spouse and sometimes their kids as well.
  5. Activities/interests outside of church
    • The pastor needs to be careful about how they spend their time outside of their church role.  

How do you overcome this?

  • Learn to see your church as just ONE of your clients, and not your employer.
  • Be willing to have an honest conversation with the leadership in which you set healthy boundaries for yourself and your family.
  • Be willing to LEAVE a toxic environment and move into a much healthier place!

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders seeks to encourage pastors with the message that God delights in doing BIG things in small places. For many years, Jon served as the Lead Pastor of The RESCUE Church, a South Dakota based multi-site church with a huge vision to reach rural communities with the gospel. As a leading voice in the rural church arena, Jon spends his days coaching leaders and hosting the Small Town Big Church Podcast. In addition to his passion for the rural church, Jon also works full-time as a professional firefighter/EMT. He is married to his wife Jessica, and they have three children: Justin, Jenni, and James.