336 – Who Said So

In my coaching work with church leaders, I often see pastors struggling with narratives they aren’t even aware are taking place in their minds.  These “voices” can come from internal and external, spoken and unspoken expectations.  They can come from years of church tradition.  They can come from a demanding parent or other voice from the past.  In this episode, I want to challenge pastors with this powerful question, “Who said so?”


When we can identify where a voice is coming from, we have much more clarity and power to ascertain whether that voice is one we need to listen to or not.


Whose voice should I be leaning into?

  • God
  • Self
  • Family (Spouse)
  • Trusted advisors


What do I need to stop doing?

  • What is draining my energy?
  • What are we doing that is not producing any return on investment?
  • What are we doing simply because it’s what we’ve always done?


What do I need to start doing?

  • What is in your heart to do?
  • What big vision are you believing God for?
  • What is something you desire to try for God’s glory?  (innovate and experiment)
  • What is something you’ve always wanted to do but have simply held back for the sake of OTHER people’s opinions and priorities?

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders seeks to encourage pastors with the message that God delights in doing BIG things in small places. For many years, Jon served as the Lead Pastor of The RESCUE Church, a South Dakota based multi-site church with a huge vision to reach rural communities with the gospel. As a leading voice in the rural church arena, Jon spends his days coaching leaders and hosting the Small Town Big Church Podcast. In addition to his passion for the rural church, Jon also works full-time as a professional firefighter/EMT. He is married to his wife Jessica, and they have three children: Justin, Jenni, and James.