342 – Are You Preaching Too Much?

Pastor, how often do you preach?  Or maybe a better question is how often do you get a break from preaching?  Is it possible you’re preaching too often and too much?  If you pastor a small or rural church, there’s a good chance the answer to that question is, “YES!”  In this podcast episode I make a case for why it’s a good thing for you to get regular breaks from your preaching and offer up some ideas for getting those breaks.

  • If you’re preaching more than 42 weeks in a year, I would argue you’re preaching too much.

Before I tell you why I think you should preach less, first let me address those pastors who are already pushing back and resisting the concept.

What are some reasons pastors preach too much?

  • Immaturity/inexperience in preaching (you don’t know what you don’t know)
  • Pride/insecurity
  • Messiah complex (my people need me)
  • Lack of team to fill the pulpit (ultimately a leadership issue)
  • Lack of resources to invest in good pulpit supply

  • Here are some reasons I think it’s good for you to preach less often:
    • Regular breaks keeps you rested and fresh
    • Regular breaks allows you to have weeks where you can focus on other big ministry projects without having to write a sermon.
    • It’s good for your church to hear from different perspectives on a regular basis
    • It allows you time to focus on the bigger preaching calendar

  • Ideas to help you catch regular breaks in your preaching:
    • Video series
    • Guest speaker (from inside or outside the church)
    • Special events – do something fun and different on a Sunday morning that doesn’t include a sermon

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders seeks to encourage pastors with the message that God delights in doing BIG things in small places. For many years, Jon served as the Lead Pastor of The RESCUE Church, a South Dakota based multi-site church with a huge vision to reach rural communities with the gospel. As a leading voice in the rural church arena, Jon spends his days coaching leaders and hosting the Small Town Big Church Podcast. In addition to his passion for the rural church, Jon also works full-time as a professional firefighter/EMT. He is married to his wife Jessica, and they have three children: Justin, Jenni, and James.