345 – Three Big Problems Facing Pastors and What I’m Doing about Them

After years of being in and around pastoral ministry, after creating content for, connecting with, and coaching thousands of pastors around the country, I believe I have a really good pulse on the problems facing pastors today.  In this episode I’m going to list three of the biggest problems I see pastors needing to contend with and then offer up the ways I’m trying to be a part of the solution.

  • Problem #1: The model we call church is broken.
  • How I’m trying to help:
    • I am serving pastors in a coaching relationship, helping them get the clarity and courage needed to do ministry from a healthier place.
  • Problem #2: There is a leadership crisis in the church today.
  • How I’m trying to help:
    • I will continue to use my voice to bring attention to this crisis and invite pastors to boldly create and/or move into a better leadership structure. 
    • I will also continue to walk beside pastors and help them evaluate their current church structures. 

  • Problem #3: The narrative of the “starving pastor” is hurting both pastors and their churches.

  • How I’m trying to help:

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders seeks to encourage pastors with the message that God delights in doing BIG things in small places. For many years, Jon served as the Lead Pastor of The RESCUE Church, a South Dakota based multi-site church with a huge vision to reach rural communities with the gospel. As a leading voice in the rural church arena, Jon spends his days coaching leaders and hosting the Small Town Big Church Podcast. In addition to his passion for the rural church, Jon also works full-time as a professional firefighter/EMT. He is married to his wife Jessica, and they have three children: Justin, Jenni, and James.