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God has big plans for your small town!

My passion and calling is to coach and support pastors serving in rural communities that are often overlooked and forgotten, but have precious people living there. With over 60 million people living in rural America, there is tremendous opportunity for gospel advancement in the rural space. Many rural churches that were once thriving are struggling, dying and closing their doors. I imagine a gospel movement in rural America where new disciple making churches are being planted and existing churches are being revitalized with gospel advancing strategies. My vision is to train pastors in gospel advancing strategies to rural communities everywhere. I look forward to serving you! 

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Find over 300 podcast episodes created solely with you in mind as we dig into pastoral health, practical ministry support, and the insight of other leaders to help you break free into a better future.


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We believe there is a better future for you.

  • The evidence is overwhelming that thousands of pastors leave ministry every year feeling like they have failed.
  • Many pastors have settled for a life that is less than abundant.
  • The current model of how we typically think about and execute church isn’t as effective as it could be.
  • Many pastors would choose another path if they knew that one was available for them and if they had someone guiding them down that path.
  • Many leaders need support to voice the things they are either unable or too afraid to articulate.
  • Church leaders often don’t have the capacity to dream about the future.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Discover how you can break free into a better future.