Have you ever asked these questions?

Does God care about my small ministry?

Who said it has to be THIS way?

Why am I not seeing results?

Is anyone else out there like me?

Am I too out-of-the-box to be a leader?

Has my time passed?

If you’ve asked these questions, our 3 Coaching Programs are designed for you:

clarity. confidence. transformation.

You and your ministry matter. You have a purpose, a calling, from God, but it can often feel like the busyness of ministry distracts from the real purpose behind your life’s passion. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t. Find clarity, confidence, and transformation to step boldly into a life of impact and abundance.

Why Coaching?

There is no “silver bullet” when it comes to ministry, but there is the hard work of leading from a healthy place. The feelings of fatigue, burnout, and utter frustration are real in pastoral ministry. No one should navigate those experiences in isolation.

Next Level Mastermind

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What if you had a group of high-capacity leaders investing in you and challenging you every week? How much growth would you see? Discover the difference our Next Level Mastermind could make in your leadership.


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In the most personal form of coaching, you’ll find clear guidance, challenge, and insight for your leadership growth. You can also leverage this style of coaching as an investment into your team’s growth. Learn how it works!

“Jon has a very effective approach that motivates and inspires forward progression from each meeting. I cannot think of one session that did not trigger enthusiasm and sense of purpose!”

Brent Harrison

Worship Pastor, Church in the Country | Colmesneil, TX

“Jon’s ability to help people break through walls of self-doubt is amazing. He pushes you to be more mentally, physically, and emotionally. I would highly recommend you consider having Jon as your personal coach or joining his Mastermind! Truly second to none.”

Tyson Priest

Lead Pastor, The River Church | Lapel, IN